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Solar Backsheet


Solar Backsheet BEC301 is a multi-layer structure Backsheet. The middle PET layer provides mechanical strength and electric insulation; and the inner and outer lays of fluorine resin ensure the excellent durability for this Backsheet and could protect the solar cell endure high temperature through the lamination process. The high light-reflectivity of the inner side of fluorine resin also can help to increase solar module’s efficiency.There are white and black colors of BEC-301.

  1. Excellent durability, such as weather resistance, high-temperature and high humidity resistance, UV light resistance.
  2. Excellent adhesion to glass, metal and plastics PET, TPE,TPT, Maintaining long term adhesion.
  3. Excellent light transmittance and transparency.
  4. Inactivation and harmless in solar cells during processing
  5. Have a high cross linking rate after lamination.