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Our Products

Solar Ribbon


Ghanshyam is an innovator when it comes to comes to PV ribbo Products. We have been supplying the solar Industry With our copper products, continually identifying emerging pv ribbon technologies and engineering innovative solutions to increase the electrical output and performanee of solar modules

Ghanshyam Benefits

  • Smaller Width
    • To avoid sacrificing cell yieid
    • To enable 4-6 busbar call solutions
  • Softer matirial
    • To avoid causing stress in the soldering process
    • To enable usage of thinner wafers
    • To reduce electrical resistance
  • Straighter material
    • To get out the full power of the module
    • Usable also in large thin-film applications
Thickness(mm) 0,080-0,500+0,007
Width(mm) 0,300-6,000+0,08
Coatings(hot dipped)
Lead free(Rohs compiled) sn100,snagcu 96.5-3,0-0,5
Leaded snpbag62/36/2;snpb63/37;snpb60/40
Low temperature snbiag 60/38/2
Coating composition and thickness 4/50pm +3pm each side2